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Musafir’s Green Campaign

“It’s wake-up time, not the Crack of Doom. We have a certain time left, and waking up in right time can help escaping the shut-down of mankind” says Musafir as the Band launches the “Musafir Green Campaign”. They continues “We are doing our bit to save the environment and we expect the same from others as well. India leads most of the nations in innovation and commitment, so why not take the initiatives and keep our world green, we know that our fellow Indians have lot of ideas for that.”

What is Musafir Green Campaign: The campaign focuses on planting trees, bringing up global warming impacts, and making people aware of the importance of being Green. It consists following three parts:

1. Musafir has decided that they will plant one tree per member where ever they go to perform, and this would be a undisputed part of the pact that they sign for Concerts. They will keep the track of growth of all the trees themselves and will invite more and more enthusiasts while doing a planting activity.

2. The Environment Song Video: This video will consist of Video Clips that they receive from you and surely bring up the realities in the front. Details of sending the Clips are as follows:
1. It has to be an original clip featuring any environmental impact on your surrounding.
2. It should not be a Copyrighted and Liscensed material.
3. You can use Mobile camara, Handycam, digicam or any other mean for recording.
4. Use banners, message boards, etc to convey your message effectively
5. You can use anything offensive/obscene if your subject demands it.
6. Do not process the video in any way (size, texture, quality, etc)
7. Upload the video on and send it to with the subject: My initiative for Green Campaign – <Name>
8. You need to send a text along with the video, regarding the issue.

3. Musafir will do a tour consisting of shows/concerts just for Schools, focusing on Environment.

“We want to bring up the harsh reality up front so that all can sense the kind of Pain our Mother earth is facing. Fingures are crossed, lets hope that we would be able to do ‘some’thing.” they say.


Musafir on NDTV:

Find excluisive interview with Musafir, as they talk about music and their views on human rights; on NDTV metronation. Below is the recorded show if you missed it live.

Musafir has been recognized among top 5 bands from North India.

RC Live, a nationwide talent hunt for the best Hindi band in the country was launched BY Radio City. The results were declared after the RC Live judges, Palash Sen, Subir Malik and Vibhav Rao meticulously went through over 100 entries from aspiring Hindi Bands from all across the nation.  The original compositions of these bands got extensive radio-play on Radio City 91.1FM stations in each respective region allowing listeners to vote-in for their favourite bands. Musafir got a tremendous response from both Audience and panel of judges, and topped the favorites-list of many listeners.

” It was a dream for us to listen ourself on Radio. The chain reaction has initiated. Now it’s the turn of next dream. Thanks a ton to RC live for providing us such a platform” Said Ashutosh quiet excitedly.


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